Whole Heart Connection / Table of Contents


Whole Heart Connection is a distillation of many years of Thea Elijah‘s experience and study in the fields of Chinese medicine (including Qi Gong), Sufi healing, and raising a family. The body-based awareness practices presented here are designed to help us shift our internal state and increase our ability to access our own grounded, centered integrity and clarity.

What Does It Mean to Be “In Your Body”an essay

In Your Body Practicesa set of practices to explore what it means to be in your body, and how to tell if you aren’t

Indoor/Outdoor Bodya practice

Full Body Facea practice

On the Computer, In My Body / Part Onea practice

On the Computer, In My Body / Part Twoa practice

Being and Doingan observation from the perspective of Chinese medicine

The Skill of Restan essay and set of practices

Whole Heart Connection material is copyright protected and shared with permission from Thea Elijah. You can read Thea’s personal story – and learn more about how she applies her work to interupt and heal patterns of unconscious, embodied racism – in our profile piece here. If you would like to work with Thea, or purchase the WHC workbook, please visit: perennialmedicine.com