“Am I doing enough?” – 1 hour set of activities

drawing Am I Doing Enough WA

Photo: Eleanor Hancock

This curriculum was created by Klia Bassing (Mindfulness Meditation instructor and founder of Visit Yourself at Work) and Jeremy Mohler (Future Debris blogger, Buddhist practitioner, and volunteer staff with White Awake). Klia and Jeremy used this flow of activities to facilitate one meeting of an ongoing study group (self organized; rotating facilitation) of which they are members. Klia and Jeremy designed this piece of curriculum in response to a desire expressed by the study group to spend time reflecting on questions such as these:

“How can I tell the difference between anxiety born of white guilt, and true messages coming from inner wisdom that I am not adequately engaged?”

“How do I know if what I’m doing is enough, or when I need to do more?”

Check-in (7-10 min)
Two-five minute silent sit, then go-round sharing 1-2 words to describe internal weather system

Set stage (5 min)
Explain format for evening and topic, inviting people to come up with a personal inquiry in their own words.

One way of stating topic: “At this time in your life, regarding racial justice and equity, what are your ‘wise’ levels and areas of engagement?

Another way: “Am I doing enough?”

Partners (10 min)
Each person speaks for allotted time while other person just listens, then switch speakers. Both speakers take a turn responding to both prompts:

  1. What fears arise with this inquiry? (2 min per person)
  2. How would you hope to feel if you were ____ (fill in blank with personalized inquiry–“doing enough” or other) (2 min per person)

Drawing (7 min)
With crayons, draw what came up for you in the partner sharing. Can be abstract or realistic. Suggestion: don’t think about it too much, just let whatever wants to be drawn be drawn.

Debrief (10 min)
Invitation to share what you noticed in the partner sharing and/or drawing (popcorn style; not everyone has to share)

Solo movement (2 min)
What “should’s” have you been telling yourself? May or may not find exact words–just start moving in a way that embodies those “should’s” and how they feel in your body. Then let the movement evolve as it wants.

Solo movement (2 min)
What does it feel like to be engaged and acting for racial justice in a way that feels balanced and right? What is “enough” and how does that feel? Again, let the movement evolve as it wants.

Internal Contemplation (3 min)
After having done these explorations, what’s coming up for you? Spend time sitting quietly and noticing.

Check-out (10 min)
Popcorn style, invitation to share what came up for you during the movement exercises.
One minute sit, quieting the mind and noticing our emotions, thoughts, and body sensations.
Go-round sharing 1-2 words to describe internal weather system

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