Sample Curriculum

2nd Am I Doing Enough WA

artwork generated during “Am I Doing Enough?”

The approach and materials shared on White Awake are intended to be a foundation for self education and an evolving white practice of racial awareness. This page links to some different examples of how these resources can be organized to facilitate group work. Our intention is to continue to gather stories and curriculum from many different organizations as this work evolves.


White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop (2017)

“Waking up to Race” – 3 Hour Daylong Workshop (2013)

“Waking up to Race” – 15 Hour Three Day Workshop (2013)

Monthly Series

6 Month Study and Practice Guide – original IMCW White Awake group

7 Month Study Group – SURJ DC curriculum

Short Sequences

“Am I doing enough?” – 1 hour set of activities

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