Workshops and Study Groups

This section of the manual outlines concepts and practices essential to White Awake’s educational methodology, offers group exercises to be used in educational settings, and gives examples of how these pieces can be put together for a curriculum that is tailored to your group’s needs and goals.

Shared Agreements

Shared agreements help us create a space in which transformation can occur. This page offers a sample of the type of group norms White Awake promotes.

Guiding Group Work

This page offers guidance for implementing White Awake’s core educational methodology. This includes thoughts on how to create an educational arch that makes room for inner personal experience and external social realities. White Awake’s methodology is heavily influenced by the Work that Reconnects.

Group Exercises

Balancing internal and external focus within a training is important. This page contains examples of practices that can be used to help participants explore their personal experience and integrate new information within a spiritual, mindfulness framework.

Sample Curriculum

This page links to examples of how the themes, external resources, and internally focused practices can be woven together via core methodology to create an educational experience most appropriate to your group. Consulting is available to help with this process.

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