Personal Practice

White Awake is committed to building out a set of individual practices suited especially for white folks seeking to divest ourselves of the socialization of dominance and transform our inner world while we work with others to transform our shared world.

To this end, we are happy to introduce a set of practices from Thea Elijah‘s “Whole Heart Connection” manual! Check back for additional material in upcoming months.

Whole Heart Connection

Whole Heart Connection is a set of body-based awareness practices designed to help us to shift our internal state such that we are able to connect with the best in ourselves, the best in others, and the source of creative insight.

The intention in sharing these practices on White Awake is to help white people learn how to inhabit our own bodies in a way that our membership in a dominant group has suppressed – not just because it feels good, or contributes to our personal healing, but because inhabiting our own bodies, and interacting with others from this place, is essential to the work of social change.

Personal Study

In addition to the various forms of spiritual/embodiment practices we build out on this page over time, White Awake encourage individuals to commit to ongoing self-education and study. Our Themes and Resources page can be a helpful place to start.

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