“Study, Support & Action” Logistics Page

Hello! This page is designed to help you successfully navigate the technical & logistical components of participating in the Study, Support & Action, Summer 2020 online caucus.

White Awake is a small organization with limited staff. Please do your best to look for the information you need here, before writing us directly. This will help us a lot! If you still have questions, you can reach out via: info@whiteawake.org

Study, Support & Action – Action Items


Registration for the caucus is now closed, and we are no longer able to run late registration because we have reached maximum capacity for the number of participants who can join the video conference calls for the caucus. If you know folks who wanted to join the caucus but cannot do so, please encourage them to sign up for our mailing list. We will be offering a foundations course in our approach this fall, and we offer various online courses throughout the year.

  • Registration for is required to participate in the caucus.
  • There are four meetings of caucus. You will get the most out of these meetings if you participant in all of them, or commit to watching recordings of meetings that you miss.
  • Live meetings are: June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12 from 4-6pm ET (1-3pm PT). Notice that the meetings are weekly on Sunday.
  • Meetings will be recorded and available for participant viewing during the week following each date. We will take recordings offline after a week, due to the intimate nature of group sharing.
  • You may participate without attending each meeting live.
  • Study materials will be recommended for each session. Please allow approximately 30 minutes to one hour per meeting for outside work and reflection.
  • Study materials will remain up on our site for two weeks following the last caucus meeting, after which we will mail you a PDF copy of the materials we shared.


  • Please add “info@whiteawake.org” to your list of contacts.

Workshop mailings (after your confirmation email) will come from Mailchimp bulk email service, which is sometimes sent to spam (or your Promotions tab, if you use Gmail.) Adding “info@whiteawake.org” to your list of contacts prevents this from happening.


  • To participate in the live, video conference meetings of this caucus CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the form.
  • Please complete this process at least one day before the first meeting (June 21).
  • We approve these registrations manually, so you will not receive an instant response.
  • Once you are approved with Zoom, you will receive a confirmation email directly from Zoom with the login information you need to join the sessions.
  • If you do not see the Zoom confirmation email in your inbox:
    • Please check spam and/or your promotions tab (in Gmail). Your personal login email comes directly from Zoom, email address: no-reply@zoom.us
    • You can also search your inbox for the subject heading: “Your login for “Study, Support & Action” meetings”
  • This login information is specific to you – please do not share it with others, as only one person can use each login.
  • You only need to register with Zoom once – you use the same login for each meeting.
  • Before registering with Zoom, be sure you have read our Ground Rules for Group Participation document.

When you receive your email from Zoom (with your login information) note that:

  • There is a lot of information in the email. The only information that you need is your personal login link (and/or telephone number, if you will be joining by phone.)
  • For joining the video conference online, see “Join from PC, Mac …”. For calling in by phone, see the following chunk of text and “Or Telephone: …”
  • You do NOT need to use the calendar invitations that are part of this email, however if you use them they will save your login info in the calendar event they create.
  • The first time you click on your login link from Zoom, please allow an extra 5-10 minutes for the platform to download a small utility to your device. You will then choose audio via the device or via a phone.
  • If you have trouble using Zoom, please contact Zoom support between sessions for technical assistance. (We are limited in our ability to help you use Zoom on your device.)