“Solidarity & Intersectionality” Participant Page

This page is for registered participants in the online course Solidarity & Intersectionality: building power together. Please do not share this page with anyone who is not taking the course. All materials for the course will be compiled and accessible on this page as they come available – including homework assignments and recordings of live sessions.

Homework Assignments

  • Your first homework assignment will be available by April 12


  • Live session recordings are linked at the top of the corresponding homework assignments.
  • We edit and post recordings 2-3 days after each live session.

Have you visited the Logistics & FAQ page?

If not, please do so now! You will need about 20 minutes to review the Logistics and FAQ page for the course. This page gives you all the information you need to participant in live sessions and/or access recordings and course mailings.

If you have questions about the logistics of the online course, please visit this page first! White Awake is a small organization, with limited staff hours, so your diligence in this helps a lot. 🙂