Below are significant resources that can provide a foundational understanding of the themes listed. Note that some resources are listed in more than one place. As much as possible, we’ve ordered resources such that shorter items precede longer items. Neither the themes, nor lists of resources, are meant to be exhaustive. Self education is a lifelong journey. Guidance on how to incorporate different themes and resources into a group experience can be found on our Guiding Group Work and Sample Curriculum pages, and is also available through consultation

Understanding Racism and White Supremacy

The Invention of White People / Whiteness as a Cultural Force

Whiteness and Class

Costs of Racism for White People

Historical Grief and Trauma

The Roots of Colonialism/Supremacy in Europe

Cultural Appropriation


Intersectionality and Kyriarchy

Collective Liberation

The Perils of “Helping” Across Cultures

Building Accountable Relationships with Communities of Color

Racial Caucusing

Developing a Positive White Identity

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