Building Community

Going beyond facilitated workshops, or peer-led study groups, “Building Community” is a collection of group rituals, ceremony, and other forms of heart-centered, cultural, and/or spiritual activity that groups of people can engage in together.

Our intention is to support white people in creating circles of practice where we can unwind the socialization of dominance, heal the ancestral and personal wounds of participation in the colonization/oppression of others, and cultivate a life-sustaining culture. The materials here are oriented towards white affinity gatherings, but can be adapted for a diverse groups when appropriate indigenous/poc leadership is involved.

Building Community is a new section in the manual. We will be expanding our offerings over time.

Truth Circle Facilitation Guide

The Truth Circle is designed to hold the space for collective grieving and bearing witness to one another’s pain. Bringing our grief and emotional pain to a shared space, via an embodied practice, has the capacity to build community, strengthen our ability to maintain emotional presence, and clarify our intention to work towards collective liberation.

Contemplative Action Circles

Inspired by work coming out of the Boston area (initiated within Episcopalian circles, and informed by Swarm), this is a template for tight-knit communities that build the bonds necessary to take risks together and engage in social resistance and transformation for the long haul.

Note on Cultural Appropriation
White Awake is committed to building a collection of community practices that people of European origin can turn to without culturally appropriating the forms of colonized peoples. We recognize that this is a delicate endeavor, and support visitors to the page to cultivate their own understanding and values around cultural appropriation (see Themes and Resources for support with this).

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