Resilience & Repair Pilot Program | Logistics Page

Hello! This page is designed to help you successfully navigate the technical & logistical components of participating in the 2023-2024 pilot program, Resilience & Repair: building community & deepening the work of ancestral recovery for collective liberation.

White Awake is a small organization with limited staff. Please do your best to look for the information you need here before writing us directly. This will help us a lot! If you still have questions, you can reach out to:

Resilience & Repair is a six month intensive that involves both whole-group sessions with White Awake (facilitated by Eleanor Hancock, with support from Deana Graffeo-Weeks) AND small-group, independent meetings in which participants take initiative and support one another in their own work over the course of the intensive. Because this is a pilot program, and a new type of program for White Awake, updates may be made to the logistics page as the program progresses. If and when pieces of the process are clarified or tweaked, we’ll also let you know in your participant mailings for the program!

Resilience & Repair – Action Items


Basic logistical information about the 6 month intensive is as follows:

  • Registration for the program is a requirement for participation.
  • This program consists of five whole-group sessions and regular small-group meetings which will be scheduled by the members of those groups.
  • Whole-group sessions will take place on the following dates: Oct 1, Oct 8, Dec 3, Feb 4, & April 7 from 4-6:30pm ET (1-3:30pm PT). These sessions will be recorded.
  • Live participation in whole-group sessions is encouraged, but not required.
  • Small-group participation makes up the core of the intensive process. Small-groups will be required to set their own meetings times and provide for their own video conferencing platform (if meeting virtually.)
  • We predict that the minimum time commitment for participation in this program will be 10 hours per month.
  • For more a more detailed description of the Resilience & Repair program, please ensure you have read the Program Structure, Agreements & Ground Rules document.


  • Please add “” to your list of contacts.

Participant mailings (after your confirmation email) will come from Mailchimp bulk email service, which is sometimes sent to spam (or your Promotions tab, if you use Gmail.) Adding “” to your list of contacts prevents this from happening.


  • In order to participate in the whole-group sessions of this program CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the form.
  • Please complete this process at least one day before the first whole-group session (October 1).
  • We approve these registrations manually, so you will not receive an instant response.
  • Once you are approved with Zoom, you will receive a confirmation email directly from Zoom with the login information you need to join the sessions.
  • If you do not see the Zoom confirmation email in your inbox:
    • Please check spam and/or your promotions tab (in Gmail). Your personal login email comes directly from Zoom, email address:
    • You can also search your inbox for the subject heading: Your Login for “Resilience & Repair” Whole-Group Sessions
  • This login information is specific to you – please do not share it with others, as only one person can use each login.
  • You only need to register with Zoom once – you use the same login for each session.
  • Before registering with Zoom, be sure you have read our Program Structure, Agreements & Ground Rules document.

When you receive your email from Zoom (with your login information) note that:

  • There is a lot of information in the email. The only information that you need is your personal login link (and/or telephone number, if you will be joining by phone.)
  • For joining the video conference online, click the large blue button in the email with text “Join Meeting” (or copy and paste the url beneath it into your browser)
  • You do NOT need to use the calendar invitations that are part of this email, however if you use them they will save your login info in the calendar event they create.
  • The first time you click on your login link from Zoom, you may need to allow an extra 5-10 minutes for the platform to download a small utility to your device.
  • If you have trouble using Zoom, please contact Zoom support between sessions for technical assistance. (We are limited in our ability to help you use Zoom on your device.)
  • You should not need a passcode to enter the whole-group session Zoom meetings, however, if you it that passcode is “Resilience”.


  • All study materials, updated instructions for participation and links to recordings of whole-group sessions can always be found on your participant page for this program.


  • You received a link to the “Small-Group Interest” form in your confirmation email. This form will help White Awake match each of you with others who have similar interests or areas of focus for the intensive. It is imperative that you fill it out!
  • Please only fill out the “Small-Group Interest” form one time. When you fill this out, you will automatically receive a copy of your responses (this email includes an option for editing your responses to this form, if you desire.)
  • If you did not fill out the “Small-Group Interest” form, you may access that form here.

6) – DID YOU REQUEST A PAYMENT PLAN? If so, did you set that up?

  • If you requested a payment plan, but have not yet set that up, you can do so here. Please only set up automatic payments through this form one time. If you already filled it out, do not fill it out again. Ty!