White Awake is sometimes available to support individuals, small groups, progressive organizations, and/or spiritual community via direct consulting. However, we are a small organization and at this time (June, 2020) we do not have the capacity to provide individualized consulting to all the folks who are reaching out! 🙂

If you have a specific project you’d like to ask us about, please do fill out the form below. However, our recommendation to most organizations is that members who want to engage in work together simply join our summer caucus or participate in one of our online courses as a group. We are offering our foundational course in whiteness and white supremacy this fall (Roots Deeper Than Whiteness, co-created by the author of this essay by the same title). If you sign up for our mailing list you will receive notice when we set the dates and open up registration.

Our work is educational in nature, with a specialty in white caucus spaces. We do not offer organizational development services, though our educational programs could support this process. For more context, see our About page and Our Analysis.

To inquire about consulting, please fill out the contact form below:


6 thoughts on “Consulting

    1. eleanorannhancock

      Hello Laura!
      There is not a group doing White Awake work in the Bay Area at the moment, but I am available for consulting if you would like help getting something started. I also have a limited ability to travel for workshops. You might check with the East Bay Meditation Center for similar work being done in their community, or in the area. They are an excellent resource. Also, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship is based out of the Bay Area, and would be able to recommend strong trainers in your area.

    1. Eleanor Hancock

      Hi Gabriela! White Awake doesn’t have the infrastructure to actually host White Awake groups in different areas – we support folks in forming and/or bringing resources to their own groups. Hope this helps!


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