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7 thoughts on “Join our mailing list!

  1. Elisabeth Zago Spanjer

    I was emotioned when I saw how much your people sufer for defendyour land, land that its yours since always…exactly here in Brazil with our indians. But like here, whem we scream to defend them, we are spanked, hurted, puted in jail, killed…Evevybody have voice less the true owner from this lands that is Indians. And I fight, scream, do what I can to your peopple win!!!! We are passing the same problemm here in Brazil with Hidreletric Belo Monte that wil destroy one quarter of Amazonia and her naturals richness.Will die all..all under water and mud….because it…Iam white awake for you>

  2. Lisa Stewart

    A history lesson not written by the victors. I think on some level we are still fighting the Civil War but it’s not quite that simple, is it?

  3. Ruth Rothenberg

    Heard Eleanor Hancock on The TPH Podcast today. Ready to learn more. Would love to sign up for a class. Great information today!!!

  4. Nancy

    When I was 13, I stood up to a girl new to our neighborhood who used the N word in my house. I tried to make her take it back, and when she wouldn’t, I made her go home.
    After that, she made my life hell. Taunting me and bullying me in the hallways at school, rallying a group of ‘mean girls’ to ostracize and exclude me at lunch, on the bus, in extracurricular activities. I lost all my friends and my self confidence was badly bruised.
    Just saying — there’s a history of white threat against white people who don’t buy into racism.
    That said, I own my unconscious bias and my privilege. I lived through desegregation in high school in Mississippi in 1970 and it was hell.
    I’m so grateful for what’s now coming forth and looking forward to being more awake and part of the solution.

  5. Claire Forrest Mortimer

    Sometimes us White people wake up because we challenge overt racism, then get put in a position of taking the backlash for it.
    I am proud of what you did when you were 13.
    That experience gives you a tiny glimmer into the reality of what dark skinned people face every minute of every day.
    Blessings on you and your courage.
    Blessings on the courage of all who are risking so much in this true movement for the Dignity and Humanity of All.


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