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3 thoughts on “Join our mailing list!

  1. Elisabeth Zago Spanjer

    I was emotioned when I saw how much your people sufer for defendyour land, land that its yours since always…exactly here in Brazil with our indians. But like here, whem we scream to defend them, we are spanked, hurted, puted in jail, killed…Evevybody have voice less the true owner from this lands that is Indians. And I fight, scream, do what I can to your peopple win!!!! We are passing the same problemm here in Brazil with Hidreletric Belo Monte that wil destroy one quarter of Amazonia and her naturals richness.Will die all..all under water and mud….because it…Iam white awake for you>

  2. Lisa Stewart

    A history lesson not written by the victors. I think on some level we are still fighting the Civil War but it’s not quite that simple, is it?


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