Life is a beautiful thing. It should be enjoyed, protected, and nurtured. Unfortunately, we find ourselves living through a time when the cultivation of beauty and peace is thwarted by greed and delusion. Oppressive forces are emboldened, and already marginalized communities are facing increased attack. Standing up to these forces, dismantling an exploitative system, and building a life sustaining society will take millions of people, from all walks of life, organizing ourselves and acting in concrete, powerful ways. In this context, popular education helps masses of people build a common frame of reference and engage in spiritual, emotional, and cultural transformation such that we do not replicate the harmful systems we aim to replace.

White Awake is an online platform, and growing network of trainers and practitioners, focused on popular education for people who are socialized as “white”. We believe this is important because white people are socialized, and awarded limited types of privilege, to align ourselves with the ruling class at everybody’s expense. White Awake addresses the particularities of this socialization with tools and resources that prioritizes spiritual practice, emotional process, compassion, and curiosity alongside historical analysis and intellectual rigor. Our desire is to supplement work already being done – within activist networks, spiritual communities, and other social arenas – such that spiritual, educational, and cultural change is fully integrated into white people’s participation in collective liberation.

We hope you will explore our website with curiosity and an open heart. Let us work together to unleash the vital energy of all people into the collective struggle for liberation and a life-sustaining society.

May all beings be happy. May all beings know peace.
May all beings be free.