Oolu & Mimi2


  • How can I live a life of dignity and integrity within a society that affords me unequal privilege to others?
  • How do I build meaningful, authentic relationships across lines of racial difference?
  • I am horrified by the violence of racial oppression. How can I contribute to its end?

White Awake is an open source curriculum that brings mindfulness, critical inquiry, and embodied forms of practice to white affinity work and the development of white racial awareness. The work is evolving, collaborative, and responsive to the needs of white individuals and white-dominant communities who want to increase our understanding of racism and leverage our privilege to end it.

Grounded in the two wings of mindfulness (discernment and compassion), White Awake is about accepting, over and over again, the invitation to turn towards the pain caused by racism – even as our socialization as members of the dominant group would have us turn away. It is not our fault that a system of racial oppression has arisen, but it is our responsibility to acknowledge our place within it and work towards its end.

May all beings be happy. May all beings know peace.
May all beings be free.