Hello and welcome to White Awake! What brought you to our site?

“I’m afraid of what’s happening in this country. I feel there is something I’m supposed to do … I’m just not sure what, or how. My social conditioning as a white person hasn’t prepared me to take action.”

“I’m angry and I feel used. I am not a ‘privileged’ person, but I am white and I don’t think black folks or immigrants are to blame for our country’s problems. I’m ready to take a deep look at what’s really going on and do something about it.”

“I don’t want to do this work by myself. I want to build beloved community, starting with my own predominantly-white spiritual community. I want us to do a better job of addressing racism among ourselves and in society at large.”

Regardless of why you came, we hope you will find something here that aids you on your journey. White Awake works to empower people who’ve been socialized as “white” with the political analysis and spiritual fortitude we need to combat white supremacy and dedicate ourselves to the creation of a just and sustainable society. We provide our growing national network with educational materials, spiritual practices, and forums of community engagement. We elevate diverse voices of social change. Our goal is liberation from an identity that equates our worth as “white people” with our ability to dominate. This is not who we are. Through right understanding, right relationship, and courageous action, we can step into our true birthright of basic goodness, trustworthiness, and love.

May all beings be happy. May all beings know peace.
May all beings be free.